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Challenges of Down Syndrome Individuals in Middle Adulthood

Imagine having someone treat you different because you have a disorder. Imagine being criticized for understanding and viewing the world differently. Having a genetic disorder can greatly affect someone’s life in both positive and negative ways. According to Kumin and Schoenbrodt (2015), the commonness of...

An In-Depth Analysis of Down Syndrome

Introduction Down syndrome was first described by an English physician John Langdon Down in 1866, but its association with chromosome 21 was established almost 100 years later by Dr. Jerome Lejeune in Paris. It is the presence of all or part of the third copy...

Screening For Foetal Down Syndrome

The declaration of human rights clearly states that a person has the’ Right to Life, Liberty and Personal Security’ The process of prenatal screening is something that has been and continues to be a topic of debate amongst the world’s populous; from completely pro to...

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