Essay Samples on Death

Death Anxiety: Living Life To The Fullest

We are living our life to the fullest, the last stage of our life are when the vital activities of a living beings come to an end and death is an inevitable truth for all living beings (Yilmaz & Vermisli, 2015). Anxieties about our expected...

Definition of Famine and Countries Under the Threat

Famine is defined as an extreme scarcity of food, as well as widespread, usually life-threatening hunger, manifested in malnutrition and loss of life due to starvation and infectious disease. In other words, a famine is a situation where one in five households experience “an extreme...

Letter to Author Writing Assignment

Dear Mr. Albom, As a summer reading assignment, I chose one of the many books you have written. I chose it without knowing the magnitude of impact it would have on me personally. This book took me on a ride of many emotions. Tuesdays with...

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