Essay Samples on Drug Abuse

The Issue Of Substance Abuse In Belgium

“You know you’re an addict when you misplace things … like a decade. ” – Paul Williams There are naysayers, around the world, who believe that a global fight against illegal substances is unwinnable. The delegate of Belgium says emphatically that they are wrong. United…

History of Jason Saldana and his arrest

Jason Saldana was arrested two days after the Watertown City Fire Department and the Watertown Police Department found evidence of a marijuana growing operation in his home. At trial, Mr. Saldana sought to suppress the marijuana cultivation evidence on the basis that the police obtained…

Prescription Drug Abuse Growing In India

India continued to be a main source of illicit amphetamine type stimulants manufactured and trafficked in South Asia. Prescription drug abuse is growing in India and the problem is serious in South Asia, according to a UN report which said drugs enter the region’s illicit…

Tea & Types Of Herbal Drugs

Tea is the manufactured drink most consumed in the world. In Europe alone in 2015, 229 thousand tones have been consumed, with UK being the major consumer (CBI, 2017). Due to specific climate requirements, tea production is limited to a few areas around the world,…

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