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Cell Phone Addiction: Unraveling the Digital Dilemma

In the modern age of technology, cell phones have become an integral part of our lives, offering convenience, connectivity, and access to a world of information at our fingertips. However, the rapid proliferation of cell phones has given rise to a concerning phenomenon: cell phone...

The Devastating Impact of Addiction on Society: Causes and Effects

This is a written summary of the contemporary issue poster on addiction. This summary will talk about the important information on the poster and expand on that. This topic is extremely important as addiction affects over one million people alone ( however, the normalization and...

Benefits and Innovation of Online Gaming Addiction Prevention

Nowadays, with the Global introduction and development of technologies, our daily lives are completed with the use of all different sorts of online games and forms of online entertainment. In this essay, I will discuss some different theories and hypotheses whether 'online gaming addiction' exists,...

The Dark Side of Technology: the Issue of Smartphone Addiction

Now, we are going to define what is a smartphone and the differences between mobile phones. Both are mobile but the main difference is that smartphones can access the Internet all the time. Those devices provide information on your social identity, status but also almost...

Gaming Addiction as a Serious Threat to Humanity

In recent times, the gaming industry has seen a boom in it’s users and off course it’s buisness too, everywhere you go, people play games, enjoy it and have thier boring times passed, but the real problem starts when gamers get so much used to...

What is Cryptocurrency Addiction: a Modern-Day Obsession

Cryptocurrency is a digitalized token money that encourages direct peer-to-peer assets exchange (known as Trading) withoutthird-party interference (such as central world bank regulations). This platform transcends any minimum age barrier, geographical distance, currency diversity, or having a saving account (which is a must to have...

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