Essay Samples on Smoking

An Unbiased Overview on Vaping

The act of smoking has been one of the worst habit’s humans could possibly develop and throughout the years the perception of smoking has changed as well as the consumers. Since the public is divided up over the potential benefits or the harm of this…

Dependence Of College Students On Tobacco

A greater number of cigarette smokers begin smoking during their college years, i. e. before the age of 24. Cigarette smoking is basically seen as a social activity by a majority of people who indulge in this activity. There are many other reasons why youth…

How To Overcome Cigarette Addiction

Nowadays, it’s just like a hobby for the most people to smoke. You can see adult men or even women, or worst children and students in various places smoking. Do they know what are the consequences of doing these? Are they aware that they are…

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