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How Does Community Influence You: Shaping Identity, Values

How does community influence you? This question delves into the multifaceted impact that the communities we are a part of have on shaping our identity, values, aspirations, and the lens through which we perceive the world. Whether we realize it or not, the influence of...

How to Avoid Social Media Addiction: Few Ways to Protect Yourself

While there is still no official diagnosis of social media addiction, there is a growing body of research on this emerging mental health issue. The popularity of these platforms and the growing dependence of people on their functionality has increased dramatically over time. So much...

Consequences of Driving under the Influence

Substance abuse has become a trend in our current society. Different generations engage in this to feel good and others to have fun. Most youths do it for enjoyment ignoring the side effects and the concerns it may cause. While driving, motorists should pay keen...

The Problem of Driving under the Influence

The problem with drinking and driving is the “mourning” after. South Africa is deemed as the world’s worst when it comes to drunk driving. Out of 195 countries, South Africa is rated number 1 in the world. South Africa is known to have a 58%...

Alcohol is One of the Most Commonly Misused Substances

Consuming alcohol at any age can be dangerous. Alcohol is one of the most commonly misused substances and has one of the highest rates of addiction. Underage consumption of alcohol can lead to early addiction problems as well as problems such as memory loss and...

The Influence Of Extracurricular Activities On Students’ Academic Performance

To what extent does extracurricular activities influence students’ academic performance? Alternative Hypothesis: Students who have lower QPI scores are more active in extracurricular activities than students who have higher QPI scores. Null Hypothesis: There will be no correlation between students’ yearly QPI and extracurricular activities...

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