Essay Samples on Abuse

The Vulnerability and Abuse of Older Adults

Older adults are part of the more vulnerable groups in our society. In every case where an older adult is living in a care home they are served by caregivers, where they are supposed to receive the intended treatment and care. However, cases of physical,…

Non-Verbal Communication and Presentation of Verbal Abuse

Introduction According to the research from UCLA, visual communication is the most powerful form of communication in a presentation (Kahrs; Bradbury). In a presentation, 55% of people remember non-verbal communication like presenter’s facial expression and body movement; 38% of the audiences remember the voice of…

The Problem with Substance Abuse in Texas

In the state of Texas there are currently two levels of titles that one can practice as a substance abuse counselor. Those two levels are the internship level and the second is to be once a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor(LCDC). During the first level, the…

Relations Between Substance Abuse and Crime

Substance use, like other risky behaviors, is initiated and escalates during adolescence (Colder, Campbell, Ruel, Richardson, & Flay, 2002). Indeed, the rates of alcohol, cigarette, and marijuana use are very low prior to about 11 years of age, and increase dramatically from eighth to 12th…

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