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Opium Wars and the Global Supply of Narcotics

Prior to the 1830s and the Opium Wars involving France, Great Britain and China’s Qing dynasty, there was little international discussion involving narcotics. Various states had their own domestic control regimes. Others operated on a strictly laissez-faire basis regarding psychoactive substances. The conflict represented the...

Harmful Effects of Narcotics Addiciton on Health

“In 2017 there were 70,237 drug overdose deaths in the United States” (Hedegaard M.D., Minino M.P.H, & Warner Ph.D., 2018, Data Brief No. 329). For many drug users, death is an all too likely consequence of addiction. Addiction is defined as “a compulsive, chronic physiological...

Narcotics: A Security Threat to South Asian Countries

Citing from a report by Anthony H. Cordesman titled as Afghan Narcotics: 2000-2018: From Control And Elimination Efforts To A Drug Economy And Bombing Labs. Afghanistan and its neighbours are affected by trafficking as the drugs are moved to their key destination markets of Western...

Drug Policies In England and Their Effects on Drug Use in Society

In 1964 the medical treatment of dependent drug users was separated from punishment unregulated use and supply. Under this policy drug use remained at an all time low; there was relatively little recreational use and very few dependent users, who were prescribed drugs by their...

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