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Cardiology Practice in Facing Common Billing Challenges

One of the biggest challenges faced by Cardiologists today is striking a balance between financial efficiency and practice management. Recent changes in regulations have contributed to lower reimbursements for Cardiologists. There has been a constant rise in demand for skilled and experienced resources.  Resources that...

Association of Hyperoxygenation with Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest is the most common lethal consequence of cardiac disease. In-hospital cardiac arrest is a major adverse event with an occurrence every 1-6 admissions out of 1000 (Schluep, M.,et al. 2018). Several research studies have recently reproached the important concern that administration of...

The Diverse Spectrum of Heart Illnesses and Disorders

The case history of heart illness will be a cause of having cardiology diseases. however, this history isn’t thought-about during this paper for the prediction of cardiology disorder. The other hazard components incorporate age, sex, stress. What’s a more, unhealthy eating regimen, the probability of...

Heart Attack Detection By Using Aurdino Uno

Abstract Heart attack is a global leading cause for death among both genders men and women. However, occurrence of heart attack is not predictable. currently there are number of health monitoring system available for patient, but all these system works mainly when there is emergency...

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