Essay Samples on Synesthesia

The Variety of Human Sensations in Synesthesia and Kinesthesia

Also since hearing is the primary warning sense, a sudden sound, specifically noise, will start a process. We almost instantly tend to move away from unpleasant sounds if we can, we gravitate towards pleasant sounds. Noise pollution have a hazardous effect on out overall health…

Synesthesia Phenomenon: The Human Sixth Sense

When asked to imagine the city’s skyline, do you taste blueberries? Do the dulcet tones of a piano induce a tickling sensation on your arms? Are you convinced that Thursdays are yellow, and Fridays are blue? If yes, then you might have synesthesia. Synesthesia is…

Importance of Synesthesia and Its Practical Uses

Introduction Synesthesia is the idea that one attribute of stimulus may lead to the conscious experience of another experience. The word synesthesia is Greek for sensations that come together, syn meaning together, and esthesia comes from aesthesis which means sensations (Gross). The first case that…

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