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Botanical Component in Traditional African Medicine

For centuries Africa has been subject to unwarranted invaders, imposters and thieves which consequently led to the unethical depletion of numerous natural resources. What is most liberating about these atrocities are the documented intellectual and forward discoveries of pre-historic innovation by the African people. Inclusive...

Health Benefits Of Ginger Consumption

Ginger is almost one of the ordinary ingredient in most of the cooking and many other items and it is in it for good for welfare of ginger are almost countless in change of state as well as medically ginger has been used in medically...

Examining the Historic Role of Ginger

Food as Magic Ginger is one of the oldest spice in the world, it has been used for the medical purposes over last 5,000 years. “References to ginger as a medicine and a spice appear in ancient Chinese and Sanskrit writings, and in surviving Persian,...

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