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Stem Cell Research: Vice Or Virtue

The advancements of contemporary stem cell research are making it possible to treat a wide range of human dysfunctions including muscular dystrophy, diabetes, baldness, blindness, deafness, and many neurodegenerative diseases. When the research emerged in the 1990’s scientists were certain that it had the power...

The Development Of Embryonic Stem Cell

The world of today is blessed by being within the grasp of ending cellular deficiencies. From replacing neurons damaged by Alzheimer’s disease or even allowing those who have diabetes to properly produce insulin. A world where the quality of life of individuals can significantly improve...

Embryonic Stem Cell Research on Cloning

An acceptable definition of cloning is the act of making an identical copy or in scientific terms is the reproduction of a fragment of DNA places in an organism’s so that there is enough to analyze or use in protein production. There are two types...

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