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Risks and Concerns Surrounding the Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery has been well known since the early 1800s, it is a span of procedures that restores or reshapes the form of a client’s body. When people hear the word “plastic surgery” they automatically think it is only associated with beautification procedures, but it...

The Impact of Media on the Rising Popularity of Cosmetic Surgery

Why are women willing to put themselves under the knives? There are many women who have undergone a cosmetic surgery as they feel the need to meet society’s expectations of beauty. Cosmetic surgery is an operation which enhances a person’s physical appearances. As science and...

The Precautions and Potential Results of Cosmetic Surgery

Human’s physical appearances have become more and more considerable for the last ten years. Many people assumed that the outward aspect was one of the main factors to judge someone. Moreover, the desire to perfecting oneself is inevitable, especially women, who often suppose that more...

Cosmetic Surgery in the Pursuit for Beauty

The pursuit of beauty is the instinct of most human beings. Evidence of this assertion is ubiquitous in the world. Have a look at the women in Hong Kong, and hardly can you seek for someone that is without make-up. Flipping through the magazines, you...

The Dangers and Risks of Plastic Surgery

Introduction Plastic surgery also called cosmetic surgery has been, and still continues to be a controversial issue in many ways. According to Collins English Dictionary, “Plastic surgery is the applications of performing operations to repair or replace skin which has been ruined or to improve...

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