Essay Samples on Medicine

The Dangers and Risks of Plastic Surgery

Introduction Plastic surgery also called cosmetic surgery has been, and still continues to be a controversial issue in many ways. According to Collins English Dictionary, “Plastic surgery is the applications of performing operations to repair or replace skin which has been ruined or to improve…

Negatives and Positives of Mandatory Vaccination

Vaccines are a topic that is very trendy and spoken about amongst people all across the globe. The reason being, that it is very contentious with being a historic medical discovery that has incredible benefits, on the controversy it has disadvantages as well, but what…

Debunking the Belief in Vaccination as a Cause of Autism

John MacDonald, courant staff writer, stated that today one point five million Americans believe to have some sort of autism. These numbers have been climbing throughout the years and people are starting to want answers as to why. Scientists and researchers have been investigating the…

Debate Between Supporters and Opposers of Vaccines

By the time a child in the United States reaches the age of two years, it is recommended that they have fourteen different types of vaccines which amounts to twenty-six different injections in total (Chaterjee, 2010). Vaccines are a biological preparation administered to humans (or…

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