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Festinger’s Theory of Cognitive Dissonance

Hypothesis focuses on transmitting data and information; Leon Festinger considers it one of the theories about communication that he developed and advanced during the 1960s. This hypnosis surrounding cognitive dissonance that Festinger believed arises while a person holds two different contradicting perceptions. The theory of...

Examples Of Cognitive Dissonance And Methods Of Its Resolution

Cognitive dissonance is psychological term that simply put means seeing things not in a way that you should see them, in other words inconsistency. In terms and point of view of an athlete, it is when they see themselves overly confident of being champions or...

The Cognitive Dissonance Theory and Red Meat Consumption

The research paper addresses the critical theory of communication that defines the issues or events in the story. Researchers raise main questions regarding the consumption of red meat and differ distinctively on its impact on consumers. Different researchers defend their points of view through various...

Cognitive Dissonance And The Subsequent Environmental Changes: Literature Review

My previous projects were mostly dedicated to the theme of our planet’s fauna extinction. At this time, I want to look at current environmental concerns from the wider angle. I am convinced that almost everybody in the world has been faced with the cognitive dissonance...

Gender Equality And The Cognitive Dissonance Theory By Festinge

The De Beers Diamonds campaign created a product that would influence female empowerment simply through the purchase of jewelry. When men are ready to take a women’s hand in marriage, he proposes with a ring, which he then places on her left hand if she...

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