Festinger’s Theory of Cognitive Dissonance

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Hypothesis focuses on transmitting data and information; Leon Festinger considers it one of the theories about communication that he developed and advanced during the 1960s. This hypnosis surrounding cognitive dissonance that Festinger believed arises while a person holds two different contradicting perceptions. The theory of communication dissonance illustrates the availability of incompatible notion systems, erudition, and posture results in severe cognitive dissonance. 

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As managers and organizational managers often have dominating obligations of ascertaining cohesiveness and stable magnification inside corporations, frequently cultivating a cognitive dissonance towards the employees. To illustrate, bank managers can appreciate staff members’ dedication and commitments but instantaneously despise certain tendencies. The employees could additionally cultivate a love-hate relationship toward employers, which could result in negative consequences inside the corporation.

Furthermore, the discomfort which results within such divergent or contradictory credence, postures, and demeanors cause intransigently results in the quest to accomplish an alternative for prompt reconstruction balance. Festinger concluded that cognitive dissonance is increasingly subject to coerce compliance demeanors, which result from resistance. While managers strive to enforce their rules and regulations without consulting pertinent stakeholders like workers, they are inclined to coerce personnel to comply without question. 

Though due to the non-existence of efficient collaboration platforms to apportion info on the readjusted changes, many personnel tends to get resistant to developing unethical workplace behaviors as deprecation of the marginalizing system. For instance, coercing an individual to perform tasks contrary to his beliefs during a vertical leadership model gives employers more power than the employees. While bankers are responsible for ascertaining consumers’ financial gratification, coercing some activities on workers negatively affects their progressive deportments or productivity due to contradicting principles. Consequently, adopting a co-operation strategy that avails in abbreviating consequences would actively propel high ethical practices and subsequent productivity.

Giles Theory of Communication Accommodation. However, this hypothesis is a theoretical framework that places more accentuation on the adjustments that people make during the conversation with peers, superiors, or subordinates. The theory that stemmed from the prime verbalization adjustment theory ascertained that individuals often adapt the communication to minimize the convivial distinction between orator and respondent. Developed by Howard Galie, the approach takes an extreme consideration of the verbal and non-verbal changes that individuals utilize to oblige others through communication and interaction processes. Gregarious differences such as background, level of edification, ethnicity, or gender play an essential role in influencing the communication pattern of an individual’s comprehension competency during the interaction.

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