Essay Samples on Philosophers

Utopia by Thomas More: Dystopia Inside Utopia

A perfect society or a utopian society is a made-up community where political and social ideas are available in the way that there is peace amongst the people. Many people have different perspectives on their own personal Utopia. Thomas More had his own vision of…

Socrates and the Knowledge of Forms in Plato's Phaedo

Plato’s writings on Socrates’s day in court and, eventually, his judgment and death reveal a unique, yet controversial approach to the idea of the dual existence of form and appearances. Socrates held lengthy discussions concerning the topic where he provides various arguments to explain his…

Why Athens Executed Socrates: Two Axial Symbols at Odds

In Don Nardo’s The Trial of Socrates, Socrates is quoted as stating, “We should not be concerned about winning fame or political honors, but rather should try to gain more intelligence, to arrive at more knowledge of truth, and to develop finer character.” His devotion…

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