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Voltaire: A Famous Representative Of The Age Of Enlightenment

The philosopher I wish to discuss is Voltaire. I have chosen him because I feel his thought and philosophy have been absolutely influential to the culture in which I have grown up. Francois-Marie Arouet, also called Voltaire, is certainly the author best representing the culture,...

Teaching Philosophy and Learning Quality Over Quantity

My philosophy in teaching is that both the teacher and students have certains obligations to fulfill when entering the classroom. Within the first week of discussion, my students have already exceeded my expectations. They were attentive, prepared, and eager with worksheets in their hands; there...

Festinger’s Theory of Cognitive Dissonance

Hypothesis focuses on transmitting data and information; Leon Festinger considers it one of the theories about communication that he developed and advanced during the 1960s. This hypnosis surrounding cognitive dissonance that Festinger believed arises while a person holds two different contradicting perceptions. The theory of...

Connection Between Pythagoras, Socrates And Zeno Of Elea

Pythagoras, a Greek, very influential philosopher back then but also nowadays. He was a mathematician and he founded the much known Pythagoras theory, but he is mostly known for his significance in numbers, he contributed in the developing of mathematics we know today. None of...

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