Essay Samples on Immanuel Kant

Defending Kant's Theory of Goodwill and Morality

Deontological ethical theories state that the morality of an action is predicated on whether the action is wrong or right through considering a set of rules instead of results of the action. In such theories, the action itself is important than its consequences. Immanuel Kant…

Definition of the Enlightenment Period by Its Philosophers

During the 18th century, extraordinary changes began making way through almost every sector of European society. Population growth, scientific revelations, and economic development created a newfound culture unlike any preceding it. Inspired by the principles of rational thinking, many intellectuals began questioning authority and societal…

Evaluation Of The Morality Of Political Campaign Approaches In Terms Of William Galston And Immanuel Kant Concepts

Political agendas often include tactics with questionable ethical standings. The ethical spectrum has been difficult to interpret and enforce throughout history and remains so. William Galston refers to acceptable tactics as “hardball” in “The Obligation to Play Political Hardball. ” Immanuel Kant, a philosopher, defines…

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