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Comparison of the Act and Rule Types of Utilitarianism, Their Strengths and Weaknesses

Utilitarianism hypothesis explains the scope of Liberty and Freedom for the individuals under a state's authority. Utilitarianism focuses on the rights of individuals versus other rights and is a form of justice. There are two types of Utilitarianism which are Act and Rule. Act Utilitarianism...

Critical Analysis of Jeremy Bentham's Philosophy of Utilitarianism

Jeremy Bentham is a famous English political radical and philosopher. Among his philosophical works, the most well-known is the concept of utilitarianism in which the acts and actions are assessed based on the potential outcomes and consequences (Stanford Encyclopedia, 2019). The most aspired result or...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jeremy Bentham's Idea of Utilitarianism

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In the 1800s the industrial revolution caused many people to reconsider the laws that were introduced to society. One of the people who wanted change was an English Philosopher named Jeremy Bentham. His views on the law came from this industrial revolution in the 18th...

Analysis of The Principles of Jeremy Bentham and James Mill

Jeremy Bentham was born in London in 1748. He went to Westminster and Oxford and in 1769 he was called to the Bar. In response to the enigma of the law and the mayhem associated with it, Bentham challenged the entire composition of the law...

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