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Acceptance as the Key to Personal Happiness 

A key element of your happiness is to accept the current situation in your life and to appreciate the good that is offered to you. This does not mean that you turn around and lose all hope of improvement. Exactly the opposite Acceptance means that...

My Journey To Self Acceptance

In 8th grade, a classmate came up to me and told me I was pretty “for an Asian”. She intended it as a compliment but didn’t realize its negative implications. It’s disheartening and baffling to see that society’s beauty expectations of Asians are so low...

How I Learned to Accept Myself

Acceptance. You see it isn’t easy for a short bulky teenager to fit in at school, especially in the 21st Century. I was always clouded with self-doubt and the social stigmas associated with my body. In a sense, my mind was a dinghy constantly drifting...

Steps That Are Required to Gain Acceptance

Have you ever had a hard time “fitting in” somewhere. Whether it be at school or work, in a new group of friends, or even your own family, we can all relate to feeling unaccepted at one point or another. On the other hand, many...

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