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The Importance of Conscience in the Gothic Literature of Poe and Lovecraft

Abstract The Gothic literature develops at the end of the 18th century, with a series of characteristics that clearly differentiate it from other styles. Within the literary subgenre of the novel, it is necessary to separate the terror of folklore and the legends of mystical...

Refining the Understanding of Conscience Concept of Equity

The concept of equity is based on conscience and unconscionability which is shown to be the collective through the law on proprietary estoppel, and constitution of trusts. The idea of conscience is in majority of cases dogged by imprecision, uncertainty and the absence of any...

Sound Heart and Deformed Conscience in the Mark Twain's Work

Mark Twain often refers to his novel as a tale about “A sound heart and a deformed conscience that come into collision, and the conscience suffers defeat.” In this quote I believe the term “sound heart” refers to the pure heart of a person who...

Developing an Ecological Conscience: One Shot at One World

What is an ecological conscience? It is knowing how each individual feels and cares for our environment and our entire ecosystem. Human beings as living things on this great planet called Earth, are given one shot to make a difference in our world. After all,...

Ruination of Conscience in The Scarlet Letter

Secrets, no matter how small, can have a drastic effect on others views. The Scarlet Letter is a great example on no matter how small the secret is there will always be retribution. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter uses symbolism in the representation of heart...

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