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The Origins and Future Development of Classical Ballet

Most people think that classical ballet originated in France. This is because the terms for all of the movements in classical ballet are in French, but in fact, classical ballet first originated in Italy. Only in the 16th century was classical ballet brought to France...

My Life In Near Technologic Future

Technological advancement has become a part of life in society today. The holistic lives of individuals are dependent on the devices and gadgets that continue to be invented, innovated, or modified by various agents. This main aim of this paper is to narrate my life...

My Dream Job Is To Be An Accountant

Everyone in their life has thought of what they want to accomplish and achieve in the future; regarding career, education, etc. When choosing a career, people should consider the different interests that they have in their life. This helps them to find a job that...

Emerging Hope for the Bright Future of Equality

“The torch has been passed to a new generation.” The wise words of John. F Kennedy. As the shadow of our predecessors lengthens and the time for a new generation to take our parents place draws near we must consider what type of society that...

My Fantasies About The Apocalypse

The year was 2027 and the world as we knew it was gone forever. Everything had changed so fast. We were living in a world filled with technology, a time when electricity was fueled by the sun and your clothes changed their color at the...

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