Anticipating the Difference of the Perception of Social Justice in the Future

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We have discussed in class that the Social justice is “the premise that everyone deserves Equal economic, political, Social rights and Opportunities.” The minority in all places has been facing several types of discrimination and inequality. Precisely similar to what happened to Mr. Walter McMillian. Mr. Walter McMillian was under arrest and kept in the murder row for ages, for the reason that he was charged for a killing; a crime he did not commit. The criminality has occurred on November first, on 1986. Ronda Morrison - eighteen-year-old - who was murdered by several gunshots. During the criminality, Mr. Walter McMillian stayed at the church fish fry. Subsequently, for reasons unknown around then he got caught and captured. The policeman that detained Mr. Walter understood that Mr. Walter has nothing to do with the crim happened. Mr. Walter has very clean history, he has nothing wrong or committed any crim in his life. The policeman knew that Mr. Walter is a persevering man, and a decent person.

All though, there was one thing that was distracting the policeman about Mr. Walter, he has a relationship along with a white lady. Likewise, the policeman took Mr. Walter as an answer to make the community feel comfort in light of the fact that the people were pondering and apprehensive that the crime and criminal still outside nearby. They were anxious and nervous about the possibility that if the criminal still out there, these murders and crime may happen over and over by a similar criminal. Unfortunately, Mr. Walter did not have the chance to safeguard himself from the police oppression. The people who realized that Mr. Walter was guiltless did not reserve the option to represent him. The most noticeably terrible than everything that the policeman carried an observer to lie about observing Mr. Walter at the crime scene during the time of murder.

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At that moment, Mr. Walter’s older sister replied, “I feel like they done put me on death row, too. What do we tell these children about how to stay out of harm’s way when you can be at your own house, minding your own business, surrounded by your entire family, and they still put some murder on you that you ain’t do and send you to death row?” (Stevenson 93). She described very valuable statements like; what should we say to our children. This is a violation of human rights has not been uniquely on Mr. McMillian, yet in addition in everybody around his community or anybody is considered as a minority. They have crossed the privilege of allowing these children the chance to experience childhood in a sheltered world. Likewise, they have taken the appropriate for these children to not fell separated. Furthermore, they have damaged the ideal for these kids to live unafraid of death, or the guardians to be hesitant to hear a disaster of their kids being murdered or captured. Moreover, they have envisioned these communities or minorities in the wrongdoing outline; thus, they have damaged their own privileges to have the option to take a look at people in a reasonable manner and as all are equivalent.

“We are all implicated when we allow other people to be mistreated. An absence of compassion can corrupt the decency of a community, a state, a nation. Fear and anger can make us vindictive and abusive, unjust and unfair, until we all suffer from the absence of mercy and we condemn ourselves as much as we victimize others. The closer we get to mass incarceration and extreme levels of punishment, the more I believe it's necessary to recognize that we all need mercy, we all need justice, and-perhaps-we all need some measure of unmerited grace.” (Stevenson 18)

Therefore, we should look for social justice and work to get it constantly and wherever for everyone. Along these lines, I would utilize Mr. Stevenson theory on the most proficient method to battle social injustice. For the primary idea 'Proximity' there are two choices. First choice, so if the change I can do is at the moment of Mr. Walter McMillian’s story. As I probably am aware of the reality for what happened; I would proceed to enlighten everybody concerning what occurred, and I will request some proof explanation and evidence. I will tell everyone the reality of what happened and make them plan to do something for achieving social justice. Second choice, as though know; I would take an example from the story. At that point, I will request equity before each choice made in any judgment or circumstance that considered under social justice or law choice.

Thereafter, without a doubt I will be uncomfortable, and I will continue ready to be uncomfortable until I get to see justice holds its own true situation. As result of that, I will be experiencing strain of the media, the police, the administration, and the political people in the territory. I realize that I am putting everyone including my family, neighborhood, myself, and my people in danger. I will be readied when things turn out badly, in light of the fact that I realize that there is a decent possibility for things to turn out badly whenever.

Afterward, the message we learned from this article will be the difference in the future. Perhaps the situation to the real story may not happens, however, it occurs later on circumstances that may occur, which need us to manage them and locate the correct answer for each issue. Lastly, we as humans urgently need to hold our optimism and hope active to the whole world around us by requesting the honesty in every single situation similar to this. Personally, I will keep the hope alive by continue calling for social justice and human rights at whatever point something like this occur. What's more, we will continue looking for social justice and human rights no matter what and all over the place.

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