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Tommy Douglas And The Creation Of Canadian Utopia

Pension and unemployment insurance guaranteed the lives of the elder and poor. Tommy Douglas witnessed the hardship caused by the Great Depression, which set him on the path of social reform. In 1934, Tommy Douglas was elected to congress as the national assembly of the...

Major Political Figures and Events of the Age of Enlightenment

Prior to the French Revolution and the foundation of democratic systems, there was a period known as the enlightenment. It was amid this 'period of reason' that numerous new philosphers rose, each exhibiting radical thoughts with respect to all aspects of life, including legislative issues...

The Development of Progressive Health Care System in Canada

Health care in Canada has improved drastically from the 16th to the 21st century, but how much has improved just in the past 100 years? Health care in Canada includes not only medicine and how well hospitals can treat patients but also medical education, and...

Canadian Health Care: The Journey from Medicare to Universal Health Care

“Medicare is a Canadian success story. Not perfect, but good enough to be envied by much of the world.” — H.L. Mencken. Canadians embrace their public healthcare system more passionately than any other public program. In Ontario the government spends $254 billion with that being...

Tommy Douglas as the Key Figure in Canadian Politics

Before World War II health care across Canada for the most part was both privately provided and funded. This was changed in 1932 when the Great Depression hit Saskatchewan, and a Baptist Minister named Tommy Douglas joined the Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation. Tommy saw the suffering...

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