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The Desire for Immortality in the Epic of Gilgamesh

The idea of escaping human tribulations can be found in multiple cultures as a desirable element of the soul's life after death and in the poem “Epic of Gilgamesh,” we learn of the human need to understand this through immortality. The poem is written about...

The Relation Between the Mortality Rate, Pib Per Capita and Human Development Index

What first brought our attention into this topic was the new Netflix´s documentary that was released on September 20, Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates. Bill and Melinda Gates came across disturbing results relatively to the number of deaths regarding the lack of sanitation in...

The Puzzling Concept of Immortality in the Societal Narrative

Human beings appear to be dependent on the concept of immortality, and their long-standing fixation with it's been an area of cultural narratives—showing up within the ancient epic Mahabharatum, the hit fantasy series Harry Potter and also the Man from Earth, among several others. Our...

Beowulf's Idea of Being Mortal and Becoming Immortal

Can you imagine waking up to screams and people crying bodies and blood everywhere? Imagine not being able to do anything. From waking up to seeing Grendel going through houses and then you see Beowulf coming to save you. Mortality in Beowulf is very present...

A Fine Line Between Love and Immortality 

In the novel, The Invention of Morel, we learn about a Venezualan fugitive’s life on what is said to be a dangerous uninhabited Polynesian island. He resides on the island because he is attempting to hide from the police. However, one day more people show...

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