Essay Samples on Aesthetics

Original Aesthetic of African Art

My favorite non-Western region of art is Africa. I chose Africa because I find their artwork very fascinating with all the different, abstract textures, colors, and patterns. Africa has a long history, considering scientists believe it is where humans first came to be. The farthest…

Views on Death in Wallace Stevens' Poem The Emperor of Ice-Cream

The purpose of my essay is to analyse the poem ‘The Emperor of Ice-Cream” written by Wallace Stevens who was considered the perfect representation of T.S. Eliot’s principle about the separation between “the man who suffers and the mind which creates.” In the first part…

The Life and Bibliography of Oscar Wilde

Inspired by the ideology of Aestheticism, Oscar Wilde rose to notoriety as a prominent literary figure of the late nineteenth century. As the Industrial Revolution progressed and sentiments of materialism spread, people began to rebel against the “repetitive designs of consumer products created cheaply by…

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