Essay Samples on Branches of philosophy

The Life and Bibliography of Oscar Wilde

Inspired by the ideology of Aestheticism, Oscar Wilde rose to notoriety as a prominent literary figure of the late nineteenth century. As the Industrial Revolution progressed and sentiments of materialism spread, people began to rebel against the “repetitive designs of consumer products created cheaply by…

Witness Preparation: A Necessary but Ethically Hazy Issue

As defined in the American Society of Trial Consultants (ASTC, 2016) Professional Code, witness preparation is the assistance trial consultants provide to attorneys or other clients to improve witnesses’ understanding and confidence in their testimony as well as witnesses’ ability to truthfully communicate their testimony…

Metaphysics Around God in Aristotle's Works

The works of Aristotle, that survived, can be sorted into four categories. The Organon, which is a set of writings that give us a rational toolkit that can be used in any scientific or philosophical study (Shields, 2015). The next one would be his theoretical…

Metaphysics: the Study of Pure Ideas

Philosophy could also be divided into 3 fields: physics (the study of the physical world), ethics (the study of morals), and logic (the study of logical principles). These fields might involve either ’empirical’ study of our experiences, or ‘pure’ analysis of ideas. ‘Metaphysics’ is the…

Importance of Ethical Values in Islam

Abstract The ethical values are very important in human life and play a vital role in human life. Ethics /manners are complete code of life without manners we cannot spend a better life. Quran emphasized us for better ethical values. In this paper the importance…

The Constructive Reasoning of Epistemology

Looking at the article, “Fake New and Partisan Epistemology”, Regina Rini goes into depth in analyzing the concept of fake news and the epistemic basis of social media. She follows this by defending the idea that believing one’s friends on social media has epistemic virtue….

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