My Life In Near Technologic Future

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Technological advancement has become a part of life in society today. The holistic lives of individuals are dependent on the devices and gadgets that continue to be invented, innovated, or modified by various agents. This main aim of this paper is to narrate my life as it would play out ten years from now. Therefore, the narrative will be based on all the aspects of life that a person relies on to have a meaningful outcome. Precisely, the paper will look at space exploration and the perceived advancement that would have been made in the field. I have always been fascinated by the work of astronauts and other space exploration professionals. In fact, engineering has become one of my favorite areas in space exploration. Designing and assembling sophisticated gadgets and devices to be used in space exploration continues to fuel my desire in this field. National Astronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been able to make tremendous advancements that continue to amaze the world. Thus, this paper looks at what my life would be in the near future with a precise description of achievements in the space exploration field.

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My Life in the Future

I had always been drawn to the experience individuals gain when it came to technological advancements. Technology had been responsible for the improved lives of people. The careers, families, social bonds, and overall wellbeing had been improved by technological gadgets and devices in the world. Through the different stages of my life, I had been able to experience the benefits of these devices and I had recorded tremendous growth as an individual. My career, especially in space exploration, had transcended to immaculate levels. Similarly, my family and friends had enjoyed this growth with me. In fact, my son was the most affected by the advancement I had made. He constantly asked questions about my invention and when he would be able to see it work. Contrastingly, the course of my life had not been easy and I had to endure a lot of hurdles to accomplish all of the achievements. One of the major setbacks was the loss of my mother in December 2028 and had to reschedule all my plans. Some of my most important projects stalled and this delayed my overall progress.

Despite the challenges, I am a happy man. I am getting ready for my wedding this year and my children are advancing well in life. I have three children, two boys, and a girl. John is 11 years old, Bryan is 7, and Lisa is 4. They are well engaged in all the aspects of life and are a part of the success I have today. My fiancé is ready for the wedding and has been supportive of all my endeavors. I am comfortable with the support systems around me and I have experienced the push to achieve more from these individuals. Yesterday, I met a friend of mine and we discussed our lives, what we have been able to achieve, and the plans we have for the future. “I must say, the world is a better place today than it was ten years ago,” remarked Andrew. He added, “I have been able to make progress with my bio-fabricating machine that can produce 10,000 tons of meat and fabric in a minute.” “Well, that is great progress and I am on the same path as well. I have a space bus that will be able to impact space exploration immensely,” I replied. “We have to make these binding advancements to spur growth in the overall lives of people,” concluded Andrew.

The space bus was an innovation that aimed at facilitating the movements of astronauts from one point to another. I dubbed it the ‘Explorer’. This invention was equipped with all the necessary requirements needed for space exploration. However, I had added some features to the bus to improve the experience it had on its users. Equipped with a gravity centrifuge, this space bus will be able to facilitate movement from one area to another for scientists who are space. The buses are also equipped with luxurious chambers like the bar, kitchen, restrooms, and sleeping bay to enable researchers on long duties to easily and efficiently carry out their studies and draw conclusions without the fear of lacking resources.

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