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Overcoming Fear Of Failure And Reaching Goals

Fear of failure is when we let that fear to stop us from achieving our goals and objectives, but is very important to learn how to overcome it. This kind of fear is most of the time irrational and continuous. People should find a way...

The Debate About the Horror Genre as Appropriate to Children

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Everyone remembers the iconic 1980s movie Beetlejuice. This classic horror movie has been enjoyed by many kids and adults for years now. Beetlejuice is not the only iconic horror movie that is enjoyed by all age ranges. Gremlins another class favorite is...

Conquering Personal Fear of Roller Coaster

As I sit at the front seat of the roller coaster train, fear and anxiety infiltrate my mind. The red color of the train makes me think of the rushing blood in my body. The tension in my mind causes me to think that I...

The Atomic Age Feasted On Fear

The unknown outcome of the Atomic Age plagued American society with fear. The public was influenced by the use of what some may call propaganda and tales of doom. Sources such as Duck and Cover by the Office of Civil Defence, Atomic War! by Ace...

Reality of Fighting With Fear In 'A Separate Peace'

Everyone experiences the reality of internal and external conflicts at one time or another (and often create their own psychological enemies). Internal conflicts refer to one’s inner struggles, feelings like doubt, guilt or shame become the source of someone’s actions. Whereas external conflicts are created...

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