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Challenges Faced by the First-Year Students at University

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University students suffer from several challenges especially in their first years. Students’ first year coarse at university appear to them as new experiences and most of the students do through a lot of difficulties during the time of adapting to new experiences in their lives....

Nostalgia And Stress In Foreign Students At Fpt University

Introduction Abroad studying have become popular for everybody in the past few decades. Especially at the moment, you are able to do the entrance test, seek for scholarship and apply registration to many famous universities in the world such as Harvard University, Standford University, Oxford...

Remarking Bai Xianyong’s Glory By Blossom Bridge: Homesickness, Memory And Experience

Bai Xianyong’s Taipei People is one of the most important and classical novels in modern and contemporary China history, which consist of 14 different short stories of different characters. These characters came from different classes and they were with different background and worked in the...

The Feeling of Homesickness: Motivation or Distraction

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One Sunday morning, I was thrilled to be informed by my sister that I passed the exams and will be studying in manila. Although it meant being away from the family, I was excited. I never thought that being away from home would eventually take...

A Brief Historical Perspective on Homesickness

Through history, homesickness has not only been of interest to poets and writers, scientists have also shown interest in this phenomenon. Nevertheless, as far back as the seventeenth century, the importance of a systematic study of homesickness was recognized, particularly by Swiss investigators. For instance,...

Ways and Methods of Alleviating Homesickness

With the recent increase in globalization and international mobility, overseas settlements for work or study are now more common than ever. At the same time, the number of these population is still increasing. However, the process of adapting to the new environment is essential for...

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