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"The Necklance": A Tragedy Of Mathilde Loisel

Introduction A life of glitz and glamor may not be for everyone, but Mathilde Loisel may say otherwise. Guy De Maupassant’s ‘The Necklace’ is a story about a woman whose life is not what she feels she deserves. Mathilde lives in an illusory world where...

Theme Of Suffering In Sonny's Blues

In ‘Sonny’s Blues,’ James Baldwin explores the theme of suffering experienced by two African American brothers who faced difficulties: housing, employment, drug addiction, imprisonment, and suicide. Both of the characters in ‘Sonny’s Blues Sonny and the narrator change over the course of the story. At...

Does Don Giovanni Suffered In Any Way?

For any given object, the idea is held that essence precedes existence; a chair created for comfort, a fork for ease in eating, a bulb for illumination, etcetera. Sartre presents the idea that existence precedes essence; we are born and thrown into the world with...

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