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Realizing Betrayal In a Novel 'A Separate Peace'

Realizing betrayal can be one of the hardest things for a person to do. People are sensitive and often attempt to hide things from themselves and avoid uncovering the truth about those situations in order to evade the pain that comes with that recognition. In...

The Prevalent and Complex Theme of Betrayal in Shakespeare's Hamlet

The theme of betrayal is a prevalent and complex element that runs throughout William Shakespeare's Hamlet. The play presents the tragic fall of the protagonist, Hamlet, through a story of deception, revenge, and betrayal. Betrayal in Hamlet involves not only the betrayal of the protagonist...

Article Critique: Influence of Betrayal Trauma on Death Anxiety

The article that I have chosen to critique looks at how death anxiety may be impacted by experiencing traumatizing betrayal from someone they had a close relationship with. I came across this topic when searching online and I found it to be intriguing as many...

Depiction of Betrayal in The Catcher in the Rye

There have been many studies done on specific Taekwondo strikes and their kinetics or physics behind them. Through this experiment, I will be answering the questions: What line of impact is most effective when in combat and why? What makes this kick or strike so...

The Theme of Betrayal in Arthur Miller's Play A View from the Bridge

‘A View from the Bridge’ is written by American playwright; Arthur Miller and was first staged on the 29th of September in 1955. It is set in 1950s America and is revolved around an American Italian family whom live in Brooklyn and dominate the central...

Death of A Salesman is a Terrific Play by Artur Miller

A tragedy about the American dream, abandonment and betrayal. Arthur Miller is making a tremendous impact on theatrical history with his play “Death of a Salesman”. It is a remarkable and fulfilling play directed marvelously by Elia Kazan and executed perfectly by the wonderful cast...

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