The Tragedy of Betrayal in Hamlet

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In the play Hamlet by Shakespeare,betrayal is recurring action between many characters.This play shows the audience different types of betrayal that are imaginable,from a husband betraying his wife, a boyfriend betraying his girlfriend and a mother betraying the son and father. These actions of betrayal hurt people that are most loved and destroys people in the end.Betrayal Is one of the songest and the most important themes.This play is mostly murder and betrayal.

Hamlet kills polonius and gertrude becomes scared as to what is going to happen to hamlet.Claudius solution to the problem is to have Hamlet sent to england,where he is going to be safe, and will not have to deal with his consequences for his actions.Claudius makes Gertrude believe he is setting up because he wants to protect hamlet.But even though the audience knows the real reason as to why he is doing this.He is sending Hamlet to england to be killed.In the final act of the play Claudius reveals he does not love Gertrude and his love had been dishonest the whole time.This is shown when gertrude picks up the poison wine glass.He knows she will die once she has drank from the glass.Yet claudius does nothing to stop her from drinking the poison.Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were hamlets childhood friends,once they found out that hamlets actually crazy everything about their friendship doesn’t matter.they were requested by claudius to spy on their “childhood friend”.Hamlet seems to do nothing but get stuck in his head for almost the entire play until he’s finally faced with his own mortality and therefore must act or defy his father’s wishes.when hamlet is finally take action,in the middle of the play,he ends up killing the wrong person.Hamlet’s inaction throughout the plays the play is what sets the story in motion.The first thing that begins to frustrate hamlet is his learning on death of his his father as well as hearing instead of becoming king himself,his mother decided to marry his uncle.making him king.Hamlet began to question his sanity and proceeds to speak to himself.

Hamlet’s relationship with his mother was very close.Nonetheless,after his mother married his uncle only two months after his father’s death,Hamlet suspected that she was involved in his father’s death, Hamlet’s feeling and trust in his mother were greatly diminsished inscestuous actions by Hamlet’s mother, the most important women in his life,added the distrust of women to hamlet’s feelings.His words not only illustrated his disgust,frustration and disappointment towards his mother and women in general, but also established Hamlet’s sense of isolation. Hamlet’s feelings for ophelia shifted from passionate love,to resentful hatred.for her being the weak character that she is and listening to her father,therefore not returning his love. While at the same time,he was madly in love with her, and could not express his feelings any more than he already has.Not only is he immature in his actions towards her,but also very unpredictable.Hamlet’s behavior towards ophelia during the play that he created is immoral,and rude.His possessive and persistent behavior frightened Ophelia,for he continuously threatened her and attempted to persuade ophilia to return his love.

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