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The Social Study on the Usage of Politeness Strategies

Introduction Background of Study Movie or film, in Merriam Webster, is defined as some set sequence of pictures or images set in motion to then be displayed on screen, or simply called as moving pictures. Alex Denney (2016), in his article, believes that some films,...

Difference in Politeness Expression in Persian and British Cultures

In order to acquire the quantifiable date on Persian and British attitudes towards” politeness” through Persian and British cultures, it has been endeavored to utilize a questionnaire as an effective and easy instrument of data collection. The analyzed data in this paper has obtained via...

Tatemae and Honne: The Main Concepts in Japanese Politeness

There is a saying that people tell their children in order to get through tough times: Sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me. Whoever told this to their child has lied. Words can and will hurt people which is...

Models of Positive and Negative Politeness

Although the politeness mainly is considered in cross-cultural and interlanguage studies as a main point in indirect speech acts, but this theory is still developing. Therefore, it seems that there is necessity to a short description of the most influential models of politeness theory which...

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