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Technology Makes Students Lazy

In this age, many people, especially students, use technology to make complicated things simpler—from the use of phones, internet, modern gadgets, appliances and many other services that technology offers. But, if we go beyond what’s really happening right now with the use of technological advancements,...

Mental Slavery: A Mother for Many Slaves in India

In the modern world, the importance of independent contemplation is important. Often other countries indulge in superstitions on Indians, but this error is only in our country in the dark half of the last few hundred years, otherwise, Vedic literature explicitly supports independent thinking. Because...

Overcoming Laziness as a Human Weakness

It is normal that most people have common weaknesses such as selfish, greedy, laziness, and jealous. They can bring people not only negative effects but also positive effects. It is thought that almost all students have the same enemy called laziness. Some of them overcome...

Experiencing Laaziness in the Work Environment

Laziness means when you are unwilling to work and having no intention to spend one’s energy seems to have a negative impact in multiple areas. It kills our life gradually with deep impact. We begins our careers with a passion, we all setup a goal...

The Troubles Of Sloth

It’s easier to work hard than to be lazy. Being lazy, like many things in life, is a type of bittersweet pleasure that many get easily pulled towards. Sloth, like many of the other seven deadly sins, is a human trait that many experience and...

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