Essay Samples on New Year

My Favorite Holidays of the Year

Every year people cannot wait for certain things to come around whether it is school, sports or even a specific event. However, that is not the case for myself because I look forward to the holidays in the winter time. The decorations that are seen…

Various Celebrations of Chinese New Year

The celebration I chose was the Chinese New Year. As part of this celebration I watched was the 2016 Chinese New Year Parades in Hong Kong and San Francisco. I watched this online via a YouTube videos. (Cemehob, 2016) (Chinese New Year Parade San Francisco…

New Year New Me Essay

Dear Diary, Today feels normal but it was not always like this. There were times when I would kill for this feeling, this feeling of being normal. To feel like a child. I never had a lot of friends, I always thought that I would…

The New Year Celebrations in Different Cultures

According to existing material evidence discovered so far, it was confirmed that the New Year’s Eve on January 1, for the first time in a festive and ritual way, celebrated the Old Romans, and for them this celebration was the symbol of the beginning of…

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