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The Socrates' Pursuit Of Wisdom And Intelligence

In philosophy, providing an exact definition of not only philosophy itself but many other concepts as well, can be rather challenging. With human knowledge constantly expanding, and humans having different outlooks on things, philosophy and its branches can all be seen differently. To continue, philosophy...

Knowledge that Lacks Wisdom: The Price We Pay 

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein explores a multitude of themes, including creation, responsibility, natural laws, ambition, and crossing boundaries. These themes are woven together to create a narrative that teaches the value of recognizing human limitations and warns of possible consequences of abusing science and intelligence. The...

The Ecological Wisdom and Its Implementation

The term ecological wisdom or ‘ecosophy’ was introduced by Norwegian ecologist, Arne Næss in 1972. It is a philosophy of ecological harmony or equilibrium or wisdom of place, or a new name for a human attitude toward nature, which the human species has accumulated in...

Contradiction of Wisdom in Literature and Working Environment

The challenge of the wisdom writings is that they seemingly express doubts about the validity of the affirmations of the other wisom literatre within the bible. However this is the exact theological purpose of the material, they acknowledge the presence of doubts we cannot dismiss...

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