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Definition Of Humanity: What Makes Us Human

The true definition of humanity is understanding the entire human race. Humanity can be better-understood with empathy because if we were able to look at everyone from an equal perspective, we would be able to feel sympathy for others. This way stigma associated with certain...

Search for Peace in the Just War Theory

In the article, “Does Peace Have a Chance?” that was printed by Slate on August 4, 2009, the author, John Horgan, evaluates the notion whether the actions and behaviour of mankind leads to antagonism and enmity which is the main cause of war and assesses...

The Literary Themes in Crane's The Open Boat

The theme of humans vs nature is prominent in ‘The Open Boat’ where the four men on the boat represent mankind.This theme is demonstrated throughout the whole story where the men are continuously fighting to overcome nature’s obstacles by trying to make their way through...

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