Essay Samples on Humanity

Review of Reasons and Causes of Human Lying

Why Do We Lie? Human dishonesty is a concept that has received widespread attention over the past decade. The engagement in lying and cheating are common and considered to be a part of humanity. It is always going to be part of human nature because…

The Alarming Role of Humanity in Animal Cruelty

Animals have always been used as subjects for testing and research. The cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and clothing industries for years have exploited innocent animals for company benefit. It is not ethically or morally correct because they are living breathing creatures. Although, some companies have banned testing,…

Philanthropy In The United States

Integral to the historical backdrop of altruism in the United States is a dream of human connecting with each other. As Ellen Condliffe Lagemann has composed, American altruism speaks to a long history of efforts to build up the qualities, shape the ideology, as well…

Atheism: The Foil to Religion?

Religion has existed as long as humanity. It plays an influential role in our social ways of life and shaping our cultural views. However, times keep changing and the long-established belief in religion is slowly losing relevance as people seek alternatives. Atheism has emerged as…

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