Causes And Effects Of Terrorism

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Terrorism has developed into a global wonder though it is not a new occurrence but is as old as civilization. Terrorism has been alive with the foundation of advancement in several forms and in diverse areas.

Factors Responsible for Origin of Terrorism

There are numerous influences for the occurrence of terrorism. Some may be frank and some less-genuine. Some genuine causes comprise of political motivation, socio-economic, and frustration, regional inequalities, interference into religious, social and individual freedom of the individuals, collectivism and secessionism and may others. And other less-genuine motives for emergent of terrorism are illiteracy, rise of population, soft assertiveness of governments towards lawbreakers and economic crimes. But, it does not necessarily mean that the less-genuine explanations are not accountable for development of terrorism.

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Main Causes

Socio-Economic Factors

Socio-economic causes also refer gross financial differences in which there is abuse where the minority comprises of the prosperous and better-off segment of the community. This class abuses weaker divisions who are dispossessed of their basic necessities and becomes helpless. Such factors add toward the growth of an atmosphere which is favorable to stimulate terrorism.

Political Factors

Political factors are another cause of terrorism and it has developed as a volatile cause for terrorism in current history. Political hindrance means lack of occasion for political involvement to a group in large mixed communities. As a result of non-redressal of complaints and dissatisfactions among a large section of individuals, who usually act on behalf of an inactive majority, is a major cause of terrorism.

Political desires of parties, the party select few and recognized philosophical groups also causes terrorism.

Regional Disparities

Regional inequalities are also a significant cause to the rise and growth of terrorism. Significant attention of economic wealth at particular places either prompted or ignored by regimes results into regional disproportions among the different regions convincing the overlooked peoples to demand to have regional self-governments and failure to satisfy their demands usually leads to regional terrorism.

Effects of Terrorism

Terrorism creates destructive effects and it may be varied in nature. The customary life is upset and harmony and calm in social life get wiped out. The atmosphere of insecurity progresses and everything appears to come to a stop. The feeling of desolation floats all around and anxiety psychosis among the communal masses prevails. Terrorism disrupts the economic, social, legal structure political lives of the affected nations and the whole course of progress comes to a stop. The economies of the affected nations get beaten badly. The upkeep of the rule of the law and human rights develops almost unmanageable.

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