Essay Samples on Feature of Character

Technology Makes Students Lazy

In this age, many people, especially students, use technology to make complicated things simpler—from the use of phones, internet, modern gadgets, appliances and many other services that technology offers. But, if we go beyond what’s really happening right now with the use of technological advancements,...

Importance Of Turning Work On Time And Being On Time

Procrastination is one of the major problems in high school students. Frequently students find themselves in the place when they cannot handle their schoolwork because of lack of understanding. Because of this, many negative aspects are on homework. There are many benefits to completing your...

The Socrates' Pursuit Of Wisdom And Intelligence

In philosophy, providing an exact definition of not only philosophy itself but many other concepts as well, can be rather challenging. With human knowledge constantly expanding, and humans having different outlooks on things, philosophy and its branches can all be seen differently. To continue, philosophy...

Integrity, Dignity, Humility: Three Main Principles Of Life

Have you at any point thought about what Live Your Life with Integrity, Lose with Dignity, Win with Humility implies. well, the end goal for you remember what you’ve learned, you should comprehend its parts first. Integrity is characterized as, ‘Adherence to good and moral...

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