Essay Samples on Feature of Character

Practicing Humility amidst Success

When we lack honesty, we may frequently get ourselves embarrassed. The test is that the vast majority of us need to feel that we have some power and significance in our own lives. Lowering our significance to develop as a person may appear to conflict…

Importance of Ethical Values in Islam

Abstract The ethical values are very important in human life and play a vital role in human life. Ethics /manners are complete code of life without manners we cannot spend a better life. Quran emphasized us for better ethical values. In this paper the importance…

Importance of Saving and Cherishing Academic Integrity

Academic dishonesty is one type of cheating on assignments or on examinations. There are many forms of academic dishonesty which includes sharing the homework with another student, collaborating with other students in unauthorized way, altering or constructing any sensitive university related documents, assisting other student…

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