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The Biggest Discovery About Myself: Finding My INFJ Character

Thinking back, it's really clear that I was brought into the world a loner. I simply didn't have any acquaintance with it until my late twenties. A portion of my most punctual recollections are of being at the recreation center as a kid and trusting...

Why Running Is the Ideal Sport For My INFJ Character 

If you somehow happened to ask me, 'When did you choose to turn into a sprinter?' I couldn't offer you a complete response. I've generally delighted in taking long, slow strolls, however sooner or later, I began attempting to run. From the outset, I would...

How My INTJ Character Type Made Me Feel Less Alone 

I'm an INTJ. Once in a while, I feel alone, however like I am the one in particular who thinks and feels a specific way. The one in particular who can't fit into this turbulent world. In some way or another, we as a whole...

How Finding My INFJ Character Discovered Another Me

For quite a while, I attempted to assume the job of the active, fun companion who had no apprehensions about being wild and insane and simply making every moment count. At parties and keeping in mind that going out, I would be the noisy one...

Character and Service: Personal Values and Community Impact

“One of the deep secrets in life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.”-Lewis Carroll. A quote that was used in one my favorite shows, Criminal Minds. I don’t know why I’m so drawn to crime shows, or...

Forrest Gump: Stupidity Of Smartness

You never know who you might sit next to on a bus stop bench. Could be a simple musician or a business tycoon. Perhaps a war veteran or world-class musician. Or maybe — just maybe — he's all of the above. In a part that...

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