Essay Samples on Dream

Defining Myself and My Dream Through Passion

Passion for me is that sense of enjoyment and satisfaction after meeting my objectives and defying all the odds against me. Every single sportsman—or woman—will say the same thing: I have to use my body and mind in harmony to reach my passions. I thrive…

A Seed That Turns Into A Dream

Ever since I could remember, my grandfather would complain about how he sold his small chunk of land in Bakersfield, California. “We could have retired off that land!” He says every Sunday dinner to my grandma. In a sense, he is right. Bakersfield, among other…

Aristotle's View On Seeping And Dreams

Sleep is a state of unconsciousness where the primary sense-organ such as seeing, hearing, smelling stops functioning. Unlike deafness or blindness, sleep is a natural state of a living organism (human and animal). According to David Gallop (writer), he states that sleeping is a privation…

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