Never Give Up: Why People Sould Not Stop Pursuing Their Dreams

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Never Give Up: Why People Sould Not Stop Pursuing Their Dreams essay
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The writer Paulo Cohelo once said, “Never give up on a dream. Just try to see the signs that take you to them”. Every person in this world has a dream that they would love to reach. We make resolutions every New Year, but people cannot always meet their goals at the end of the year. “More than half of the people believed they would be able to stick to their resolution. But by the end of the year, just 12% had been successful”, said Professor Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire. Following your dreams is not easy and people can find a lot of obstacles that stop them from reaching it. When people don’t see the opportunities in front of them, they don’t approach the dream because they seem out of reach. In the future, they end up regretting the fact that they never took chances to pursue their dreams. Some reasons why people don’t follow or reach their dreams are fear, procrastination, and bad advice. Those reasons make people forget their dreams. However, reaching a goal provides great personal satisfaction. People should take some steps to don’t forget their goals and follow their dreams.

First of all, people must have to define their dreams and stay focus on their goals. People need to know what they want in their life and how they want to see themselves in the future. Many times what people want to do with their life is not what their parents, friends, family, pastors, etc. want them to do. The most important thing is what satisfies them and feel passion for their future. Also, the most interesting goals are those in which their desires and their abilities coincide. People should define their goals because is going to makes them focus on their actions and put the efforts towards what they want to reach. When a person writes their dreams they can visualize their future and it will be more easy to start. In addition, being focus helps them see the opportunities in your life. For example, when women notify that she is pregnant, she starts seeing many women pregnant. She thinks that many women are pregnant like her, but the reality is no that many women are pregnant at the same time, it is that she is not focused or doesn’t pay attention because simply she doesn’t interested. When people are focus and know where they are going to go, they can see the opportunities in front of them and take advantage of it.

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Second, People have to work in their dreams to reach their desired goals. Working on your dreams means that people should learn about it, what they need to do to make their goal successful and search for information about their dream. For example, if a person would like to buy a house in a specific time they need to know what the bank requires to approve the loan, how they are going to pay the loan and how they can maintain their house. If you only want to buy a house and people don’t learn about it and work in that, the dream will only be a dream in your mind. some goals that people want to accomplish: lose weight, start their own business or break an addiction can stay like just a goal if people don’t work in them. That means that years coming and years later, people stay in the same place without seeing any change in their life. People will not see any change in their life if they do not do something different towards changing. They must work every day in their dream, remember all the time which is their destination. It not easy because many obstacles appear in their life that won’t help them to reach their goals and it can make them think that would never happen. But, when people are focused and working on it, life will be like a train, many people get on to get to their destination, however, everyone has a different path of getting to their destination and they need to follow it. People need to stay on the train no matter the time the train takes to arrive toward their destination, toward your goal.

Finally, the most important thing to understand after the two previous statements is don’t give up. The path may be too long but people will never arrive if they give up. People ought to have faith in God and themselves to help them succeed. All people fail but the important is not how many times you fail is how many times people stand up. “Bill Gates failed at his first business, it didn’t discourage him from trying again. He didn’t want to give up because the sheer notion of business intrigued him. And now we all know just how successful that was for him” said, wanderlust worker. Imagine what would have happened to this man if he had surrendered? If he had not tried again and again. Would he have had the success he has now?. Maybe not. Another person would have approached these opportunities differently and would have been regretting it. Moreover, people should get out of the comfort they have, because they could get used to that and even settle for that. People also tend to procrastinate and lose some opportunities that would bring them steps closer to their dream. Everyone should take advantage of every second of their life.

Some people might think that every person was born with their own destiny. If it is not for them, no matter what people are doing they never reach it because it wasn’t their destiny. However, everyone has the capacity to fight for what they really love. Some people have more talent than the others but that doesn’t mean their talents are less important. The gifts they have inside them can be explored and bloom into changing their whole future.

Life is much more than doing a daily routine, working and paying bills, every person has a dream. Everyone should have the courage to face different situations in their life. Many times people think that their dreams are impossible to reach because there are many obstacles but the biggest obstacle in their life is themselves. They can set their own limits, stop whenever they want to stop. People must wake up from their dreams and work towards their goals. Feel the passion for what you really like and never give up. It is never too late to start again. Dreams help people move forward and grow as people. They don't have to be big. A good dream could be to smile through the rough days or they could be more ambitious, like getting a promotion at work, finding a healthier relationship or being a millionaire. People should not never stop to pursue their happiness.

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This essay beautifully delves into the realm of pursuing dreams and overcoming obstacles, resonating with the words of Paulo Coelho. With a clear introduction and insightful quotes, the writer grabs the reader's attention. Throughout the essay, the author effectively supports their argument with statistics and real-life examples, creating a compelling case for the importance of chasing dreams. The essay demonstrates a well-structured approach, discussing the barriers such as fear, procrastination, and bad advice that hinder individuals from achieving their dreams. The three main steps - defining dreams, working towards them, and never giving up - are eloquently presented with relatable examples. The conclusion effectively summarizes the essay's message and encourages readers to embrace their dreams. Overall, this essay showcases a strong understanding of the topic, solid research, and an engaging writing style.
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