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Batman Is the Best Modern Time Beowulf

In modern time, at least from our current generation our epic heroes are defined by Marvel Comics, DC comics and some of our favorite action movies like John Wick or James Bond. Beowulf, the first epic hero created the stepping stones for all to follow...

Beowulf As The Unchanged Hero

The epic poem Beowulf “recalls a heroic age in which monsters stalked men by night, dragons guarded hoards of precious gems, and heirlooms swords and heroes carried out great deeds of warfare” (Beowulf 885). It is a fanciful story of a brave hero facing monstrous...

Beowulf As A Legendary Hero 

A legendary hero can be defined as a character, more specifically a hero, who is the focus of myths and folklore. These heroes also exhibit traits such as having extreme strength, being well respected, chivalrous, loyal, and has the desire to protect those who need...

The Endless Cycle of Revenge in Epic Poem Beowulf

In the epic poem Beowulf, there is one prominent way that virtually every major character can be compared: the actions that they take against one another are caused by a desire for revenge due to events in the past. Each of the three primary monsters...

The Fighting Tactics and Fighting Spirit of Beowulf

Beowulf is a hero that changes through time in a way that is unique to his story. As the poem goes, he faces three different monsters. From each monster to the next, Beowulf has different motivations and fighting styles that reflect the situation, how prepared...

The Analysis Of The Beowulf Character

Beowulf is not a hero, And he proves this himself throughout the poem. He is idolized as a hero and has all the traits of a hero, and almost everyone who reads this will agree, but when you go deeper into the meaning of the...

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