Essay Samples on Famous Person

Pretty Hurts: Analysis Of Beyonce's Iconic Song

Are you happy with yourself? For many people the answer is no. as well, we also tend to equate happiness with beauty. Society pressures us into achieving an unrealistic physical appearance. Indeed, far too many people are never fully satisfied with how they look. More...

Beyonce: Modern-day Innovator

Many people for this assignment may do the main, technology-based innovators such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and all the main guys of large companies that are key to society these days. Well, I’m not like most people and neither is this modern...

Beyonce: An Important Figure Of Pop Culture

Beyonce is known as a member of “Destiny’s Child” as well as her solo music career and acting career. Adrienne Rich is an author, and worked in the poetry, non-fiction, and essayist genres. Despite their different occupations, both Beyonce and Adrienne Rich are known to...

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