Quentin Tarantino's Signature Strategies in the Scriptwriting

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Quentin Tarantino is unquestionably a master of screenplay writing. He is known for revealing a number of stories simultaneously and disclose facts gradually with apprehension to the last moment to make a logical entity. What makes his scripts so memorable?

The signature of Tarantino’s scriptwriting is a disposition for dialogue. The pledge, which keeps the audience in a perpetual state of wanting to know what will happen next is one of his strategies. As an example in “Pulp Fiction “ opening scene first line “Forget it. It’s too risky”, said it by Pumpkin to Honey Bunny grabs the attention of the viewers immediately and maintain it. Those well combined five words are tools to provide the audience a moment of uncertainty. Through this short line, Tarantino achieved accelerated anticipation towards the future. Numerous of the dialogues written by him intensify a comprehensive picture.

In “Inglorious Basterds” Tarantino is using multiple languages to accelerate dramatic outcome. The scene where Shoshanna is interrogated by Goebbels through an interpreter adds tense to the act. In the following scenes, characters speak only in German linguistically isolating Shoshanna as she doesn’t understand the language. The effectiveness of the scene wouldn’t be accomplished if the characters were speaking in English.

A verbal introduction, mostly a monologue, to a hostile act, prepares an audience for physical brutality of the apotheosis. In “Inglorious Basterds” Tarantino in the opening act is using an uncomfortable dialogue between Hans Landa and a dairy farmer followed by the Landa’s monologue to create a tense establishment for the ferocious climax of the scene. In the same film, he implies a subtext. Infuses scenes with underlying significant meanings frequently, adding the suspense component. Alfred Hitchcock said, “The essential fact is to get real suspense you must let the audience to have information” In the “Bar scene”, where the British spy orders three drinks with not a traditional German hand gesture the audience receives an allusion through specific camera angles, but the meaning of the mistake is reviled after the moment of suspense.

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Tarantino employs sarcasm and numerous quirky components into his dialogues and monologues. Abundant examples we can find in all his films, as this become his signature of a scriptwriting technique. We can distinguish various examples such as, The “Pulp Fiction” scene where Jules appreciate food: “Uuummmm, that’s a tasty burger”, or in “Kill Bill vol.1” The Bride spanking a young member of the crazy 88s with her sword: “This is what you get for fucking around with Yakuzas! (With the last spank, lets him go) go home to your mother!”.

The dark humour in dialogues and monologues in the Tarantino screenplays are often accompanied by straightforward, vicious words with infused flawless verbal mannerism at the time. The writer allows the conversations to develop naturally by adding swearwords, which are social and psychological stimuli. In the scene from “Pulp Fiction”, where Vincent discovers that Mia overdose drugs, he utters excessive swearwords, such as “Fuck me”, “Jesus Christ”, to release the stress. The swear words are the natural reaction to distress and discomfort, which Tarantino ideally incorporates into his scripts.

The scripts of Tarantino are based on a wordy exchange followed by the atmosphere of tension and conflict. In “ Kill Bill” the protagonist, The Bride seeks revenge after Bill and The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad tried to kill her on her wedding day. The story is well crafted with excellent attention to details. He created a three- dimensional, exceptional characters. An introduction of Bill character only by his southern accent and the handkerchief with his name embroidered nourish the viewer’s attention. In the “Reservoir Dogs “ the tipping scene brings the viewers closer to the characters and establishes their personalities.

Tarantino employs in his scripts flashbacks and flashforwards furthermore with assorted chronology to elucidate characters development. The backstory of O-Ren Ishi in “Kill Bill vol1.”,exhibit her journey to the top of Tokyo’s criminal world. However, the flashback is narrated by The Bride and differentiate from the rest of the story by its animated form. The writer through the O-Ren Ishi flashback gain and maintain the attention of the viewers. In “Kill Bill vol.2” The Bride receives her training. The Tarantino implements the sequel as a flashback but also as a payoff, to reveal the character’s metamorphosis. In “Reservoir Dogs” the screenwriter use the flashbacks to preserve an action pace and sustenance an interest of the audience. The flashbacks are scattered through his films to signify characters accomplishments and their often burdensome past, which often is a remarkable outcome for the story.

The creations of Tarantino are the singular literary masterpieces. He said “ I write screenplays like novels”, and we cannot argue with that statement. This remarkable writer and director through his scriptwriting strategies captivate the audience with its distinctive and courageous storytelling skills.

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