A Person You Admire: Cristiano Ronaldo

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A Person You Admire: Cristiano Ronaldo essay
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Cristiano Ronaldo is my favorite footballer and sportsperson. He inspires and motivates me. He has many fans round the world. he's the foremost reason why I started following and playing this beautiful game. Cristiano has many nicknames. Among fans, he's known by names like Ronnie, CR7, Cristiano, Ronaldo etc. he's a worldwide icon. There are many reason why i really like and admire him. he's regarded by football enthusiasts and pundits because the best footballer of all time. he's the foremost complete player at the moment! Cristiano was born on 5 February, 1985 in Portugal. He had a really normal childhood and upbringing. Since childhood, he showed signs of brilliance. He impressed together with his performances at amateur levels.

His initiative towards football came when he signed for Portuguese Club Sporting CP. While at Sporting, he was diagnosed with a medical condition called ‘Racing Heart’. This condition was capable of derailing his footballing career and dreams. a traditional person would are shattered on hearing this bad news. But Cristiano decided to beat this hurdle. With the assistance of his club, he underwent a corrective surgery. This was the primary big hurdle he overcame in his career! Since then, he has faced various challenges and overcame them with sheer determination, diligence and confidence. At club level, he has represented famed clubs like Manchester United and Real Madrid. he's a legend at both these clubs. This shows the extent of greatness he has achieved! At both these clubs, he has amassed tons of trophies and individual accolades! League Trophies, Domestic Cups, Champions League, Ballon d’Or, top scorer awards – he has won it all! At International level, he has represented Portugal at various levels. The highlight of his International career came when he captained his side to Euro 2016 title, beating France in their home soil! This earned his the status of ‘Legend’ in Portugal. On field, he's a really demanding player. He wants his teammates to be at their best. He likes to motivate his teammates and convey out their best in field. Cristiano may be a true professional. He leads a really disciplined lifestyle. he's known to follow a strict diet and exercise routine. He likes to lookout of his body and fitness levels!Some of his traits which i actually like are – mental toughness, discipline, work ethic, determination and confidence. His confidence is looked upon as arrogance.He also has good business acumen. Unlike other footballers, he also owns and runs many beneficial businesses!

Cristiano Ronaldo is additionally documented for his philanthropic work. He regularly takes part in social service activities, blood donation campaigns, charity activities etc.On and Off the world , he's an icon and model . He inspires many fans across the planet . When he retires, he will go down together of the simplest footballers of all time!

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The essay centers on the admiration and inspiration drawn from Cristiano Ronaldo, a prominent footballer. The writer shares personal perspectives and anecdotes related to Ronaldo's journey, accomplishments, and character traits. The passion for football and the impact of Ronaldo's achievements are evident in the narrative. However, the essay could benefit from a more organized structure to enhance coherence and flow. There is potential to delve deeper into specific instances and achievements that highlight Ronaldo's influence. Incorporating a broader context and analyzing his impact on the sports world could add depth to the discussion. Additionally, refining grammar and punctuation would contribute to the overall clarity and readability of the essay.
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Structural Organization: Reorganize the essay to follow a logical sequence, allowing for smoother transitions between different aspects of Ronaldo's life and career. In-depth Analysis: Delve deeper into specific moments, matches, or instances that showcase Ronaldo's influence and inspire the writer. Broader Context: Provide a broader perspective on Ronaldo's impact on the football world, discussing his role in shaping modern football and his influence on future generations. Grammar and Punctuation: Edit the essay for grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors to enhance overall clarity and readability.
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A Person You Admire: Cristiano Ronaldo essay

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