The Affordability of Columbia and Panama

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  1. Columbia
  2. Panama
  3. Form and Prediction

For many countries around the world, their dominance or rise to the top of football started right from the bottom of the pack. Playing against other nations was seen as a valuable way to gain some playing time and training. That assumption has been proven true many times. One of the teams who would have experienced a rise in their fortunes would be the country of Columbia. Their opponents today would be Panama who has also made a lot of strides in recent times. This friendly match would afford them the time to cleanse their minds and soul of all connections to other football matters and get ready for the tasks which would surely lie ahead.

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There can be no doubt that Columbia's best showing in the world’s stage was in 2014 when they stormed the world and football fans by reaching the semifinals of the Cup. With other important fixtures soon to be coming up such as the Copa America of the South American teams, Columbia would surely fancy their playing power in a region which has some of the best minds when it comes to outstanding players. Beginning their preparation, they would have to face Panama in what should be a fitting warm-up test.


Panama have made great progress or strides in their development of football. This has paid off as they have actively participated in recent tournaments. They get a chance to further their cement their progress with a game against Columbia. It is no doubt clear that Columbia is one of the toughest teams which they could face. It is said that to be the best, you would have to beat the best. It would surely take some time before Panama can get to be a great team. However, they can take baby steps and every step is important.

Form and Prediction

When it comes to or editing the outcome of the game, it really is difficult to decide in favor of Panama. It has been a good six games in recent times for the players of Columbia. The matches have seen them clinch four games. From the matches left, the match against Argentina ended in a statement. Their only loss came in their game when they lost to South Korea. They would, however, be happy with their recent form. A game against Panama would offer them the chance to get their winning streak back on track. But they would no doubt remind themselves that Panama would not be a walkover. They would have to play well if they desire to win this game. Panama have a totally different outlook when it comes to the recent matches which they have played. It has been a terrible last six games, to say the least. They have failed to even win just a game in the last six they have played in. In fact, they have tasted defeat on four occasions and have drawn twice.

Brows would be raised on how they hope to win this game as their recent record is simply nothing to write about.

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