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The Comparison of Professional and College Football Versus Baseball

Most football fans see baseball as this sluggish, laid back and easy sport… On the other hand, they view football as the toughest sport to play. Football fans need to look at the big picture. Football and baseball are alike in many ways, they both...

Football: Should Parents Let Their Children Play Football Throughout Their Life

 On October 13, 2015 a mother is watching her eldest son, Jimmy, play football. She is sitting in the stands with her two other sons, Jake and Jack. Jimmy starts at inside linebacker and makes multiple tackles for the team. After halftime, Jimmy's team is...

Why College Football Shouldn't Be Abolished

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Is it true that college football does not further or accelerate the primary of higher education or focus in school or weather sports; football, which is not academics, but yet is at the same time? Therefore, should it still be banned? In my opinion I...

Should College Football Players Be Paid to Play

There is a current debate over whether or not college football players should be paid to play. Many football players make a lot of money for their school and they receive nothing in return. The National College Athletic Association generates an astounding eight billion dollars...

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