Essay Samples on Football

The Interconnection of Politics and Football in Argentina

There is no denying that football is the most fanatically followed sport in Argentina, like many Latin American neighbors. However, it is unique that in Argentina in that football and politics have remained inseparably linked throughout history and this uneasy partnership has at times threatened…

Overview of Physical Requirements and Rules of Soccer

Soccer, commonly known as either ‘football’ or ‘association football’, is an internationally recognized sport. It traces back to almost two thousand years ago from Ancient China but much debate has risen within many countries proclaiming the sport was actually originated by them. During the 19th…

Usage of Analytic Data and Devices in Soccer

Introduction The game of soccer or football has historically been reluctant to accept changes of any kind. It is one of the least quantified team sports, it is not a game of numbers; it’s low-scoring, features few individual statistics and lacks the figures that many…

Commercialisation of Football

Football has exponentially progressed to be the most popular sport in the world, as well as the richest one, but the same question has been asked by many, with this remarkable financial and popularity growth. Has this financial increase become a good thing or a…

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