Essay Samples on Football

Story Of The Controversial Case Of Oj Simpson

There are a number of subjects that divide opinions among Americans – guns, healthcare, and more. One other subject on that list is Orenthal James Simpson, more commonly known as O.J Simpson. He has gone from being one of the most adored personalities in America...

Blatant Case of Match Fixing in Nigeria Football Leagues

Match fixing is a common term used in sporting world. As popular as the unholy term may seems, it has send many players, coaches, staff and probably clubs folding or rather puts it, has ended the careers of many.While growing up, l could remember arguing...

Why College Football Shouldn't Be Abolished

Is it true that college football does not further or accelerate the primary of higher education or focus in school or weather sports; football, which is not academics, but yet is at the same time? Therefore, should it still be banned? In my opinion I...

Why I Think Football is a Great Sport

Football is the most addicting game in the world. It is a very interesting game. Also, this sport is played two teams against each having 11 players. This sport is known as soccer. Football is a fun game activity to play together with your friends...

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