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Rhetorical Analysis of Doritos Blaze and Mountain Advertisements on Super Bowl

The business mogul behind Quaker Oats, Tropicana squeezed oranges and Diet Pepsi, among other market top picks, is trying a precarious strategy. In an occasion that ordinarily requests solid, basic promotion messages for the greatest (and frequently most intoxicated) TV group of spectators of the...

Brief Overview of Advertising in Super Bowl and Its Efficacy

The ads in Super Bowl have already become a custom and fabulous show in their own right. Every year, firms spend unguessable money for just a few seconds of ads in hopes of getting consumers interest—and then, maybe, their wallet, money. Sometimes, it is funny,...

The Impact of Super Bowl on the American Culture and Entertainment

The Super Bowl is an extremely favored sport competition that takes place every year. Millions of fans gather around television to view this enormously popular game. The event is held to determine the championship team of the National Football League, also known as the NFL....

Humor and Comedy in Super Bowl Commercials

As one of the most-watched television broadcasts, the Super Bowl reaches a diverse audience, both in terms of demographics and psychographics, which gives networks and advertisers the opportunity to present their brands in the most attractive and persuasive way possible. (…1…) Super Bowl has become...

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